Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Laboratory Relocations from Benchmark Services

Today I am going to introduce Benchmark Services to you. Benchmark specialise in laboratory relocations. Based in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, Benchmark work alongside many high profile companies offering their specialist laboratory relocations services. 
laboratory relocations

Laboratory relocations

Founded in 2001 Benchmark Services have a fantastic reputation as laboratory relocations experts. They work alongside many commercial laboratories as well as Universities and Hospitals. They mainly work to support the scientific and medical sector, but Benchmark also have a vast range of services that could be useful to you!

A unique service called 'Helping Hands' from the laboratory relocations team in Cambridgeshire

laboratory relocations

When you have large items or multiple items in your office or building that need to be moved this can be tricky, even if you have an internal porterage department, or limited people to help move items from one place to another.
The team at Benchmark Services Ltd can offer the staff, machinery and resources to move items of equipment and furniture of all shapes and sizes. This ‘helping hands’ service can be offered to clients in a single floor building, inter-buildings such as university campus and even hospital facilities. They also help clients with moving items from the ‘Goods In’ delivery area to their ‘Position of Final Use’ if it is not possible for staff at the building to move the items themselves.
laboratory relocations
Benchmark Services are set to launch their new website with regular news updates from their industry.

Specialist handling techniques

Often large equipment can be too large to fit in the lift, to get through a door way in the normal manner or too heavy to get from one place to another. The team at Benchmark Services Ltd can help, they have specialist equipment and handling techniques that enable them to move your items and equipment safely and securely from their original place to a new place, whether this is across the corridor, to another building or up the stairs.

Stair climbers and trained professionals

Benchmark can supply a Stanley Handling Stair Climber, (with a professional operator) that can carry your larger or heavier items up the stairs when it is too heavy for your team to do it themselves or the item is too large to fit in the lift. The operator will make the Stanley Handling Stair Climber lift your item and then carry it safely from the bottom of the stairs to the top where it can be placed in its ‘position of final use’.
At Benchmark Services Ltd the health and safety of their staff, you and your staff is of paramount importance. Benchmark will present you with all appropriate risk assessment and method statement documentation before they move any of your items or equipment.

If you thing Benchmark Services can help you, give them a call. The are always happy to answer any queries or concerns that you may have. 

Getting in touch with Benchmark, the laboratory relocations experts in Cambridgeshire.

You can get in touch with Benchmark Services by calling 01480 423810

Benchmark Services set to work alongside Cambridgeshire online marketing team, Local Buzz Marketing. More about this announcement and Benchmark in the next blog!

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